Hunter/Jumper Week

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Hunter/Jumper Results

$25,000 Surfside Grand Prix
presented by HUNT+iJUMP
Place   Horse   Rider
1   Clear Me   Eduardo Menezes
2   Chivas Z   Richard Spooner
3   Quintol   Eduardo Menezes
4   Katie Riddle   Will Simpson
5   Quidam Blue   Richard Spooner
6   Quilon du Tillard   Enrique Gonzalez
7   Revenge   Shelley Fellers
8   Coriander   Ashlee Bond
9   Warinde B   Lauren Hester
10   Calero   Allyssa Hecht
11   Quelmec Du Gery   Bretton Chad
12   E-Muze Yek   Simon Nizri

$10,000 Speed Derby of Del Mar
Place   Horse   Rider
1   Colgan Cruise   Richard Fellers
2   Banba   Karl Cook
3   Ace of Spades   Richard Spooner
4   Courtown   Karrie Rufer
5   Irish 77   Marc Grock
6   Zoe   Emily Esau-Williams
7   Wender   Lauren Hester
8   Karina 445   Max Dolger

$100,000 Grand Prix of Del Mar
Place   Horse   Rider
1   Cristallo   Richard Spooner
2   Flexible   Richard Fellers
3   Chivas Z   Richard Spooner
4   Quintol   Eduardo Menezes
5   Jonkheer Z   Eric Navet
6   Cippolini VD Gastheuv   Elicia Edgar
7   Tembla   Karl Cook
8   Warinde B   Lauren Hester
9   Quilebo du Tillard   Enrique Gonzalez
10   E-Muze Yek   Simon Nizri
11   Already   Jeffrey Fields
12   Atlantis T   RBrian Morton


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