Western Week
Night of the Horse

Hoofbeats Through History

April 19 at 7:00PM

Night of the Horse presents "Hoofbeats Through History," sponsored by Mary's Tack & Feed. The moment man encountered the horse, his world changed. The ensuing bond between them, forged from that moment forward, forever changed how man worked, traveled, played and waged war.

The legendary Anthony DeLongis, accomplished mounted shooter, Hollywood actor and director, published writer, voiceover artist, Black Belt and USA Martial Arts and International Knife Throwers Halls of Fame inductee, will delight spectators with his warfare skills.

Peter Sherayko, King of the Western Movies, is a historian, author, actor, and coordinator. He will enact how the cowboy tamed the West, opened territory, ranched, mined, traveled, and brawled!

Among other topnotch entertainers will be present-day knights in shining armor, WorldJoust Tournaments, will demonstrate authentic and exciting jousting techniques.

Clay Maier will showcase driving dressage and jumping during his Friesian Spectacular as well as demonstrating maneuvers used by the cavalry.

Local horse whisperer, Nancy Nunke, with the only trained Przewalski's horse in the world (these prehistoric horses were the subject of cave drawings in France 10,000 years ago!) They are very rare and most people have never seen one in person.

Extremely accomplished Charros, Roman Riders, and Trick Riders will join in bringing this historic partnership to life.

Don't miss out! Mark your calendar now. Call the Box Office for your tickets at 858-792-4252, buy them now at Ticketmaster, or see the tickets page for more information.

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