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Night of the Horse

Night of the Horse

April 18 at 7:00PM

Prepare to be dazzled as a cavalcade of champion horses and riders storm through the Del Mar Arena on April 18 in Wild About Horses. Don't miss the 2015 Del Mar National Night of the Horse extravaganza of master horsemen and horsewomen from all across the country whose rescue, wild Mustangs, Icelandics, Paints, and Miniature horses entertain your entire family and create a lifetime of memories!

No stranger to the Del Mar Arena, equine extremist Tommie Turvey and his wife, Chantal, combine their training, horsemanship, and stunt talents to create an award-winning and delightful show. In addition to training movie horses, Tommie trained the Budweiser Clydesdales for the well-known Super Bowl commercial. A comedic act, known as "The Riding Instructor," features Tommie and the amazing Pokerjoe, in addition to a Wild West Roundup, featuring the fire jump trick and Roman riding. In the Big Loop, Tommie swings a huge rope into the largest loop thrown. Chantal will present her rescue horse and their crowd-loving Miniature horse, Razor.


Bobby Kerr, Legends Division Champion and two-time Fan Favorite of the 2011 and 2012 Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover, and winner of the prestigious Contract Act Showcase at the 2014 International Finals Rodeo in Oklahoma City, has trained and successfully competed wild mustangs, reining horses, cutting horses, and working cow horses. Have you ever seen a horse ride in a car or cut a mechanical cow? If not, you'll want to see Poncho, Bobby's adopted six-year-old wild Mustang with a big personality; and Maypop, a nearly blind six-year-old wild Mustang won the 2012 Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover and was voted Fan Favorite. Both horses were captured in Nevada.

The sparks will fly as Icelandic horses from the Land of Fire and Ice, ridden by the incomparable Knights of Iceland, led by Gudmar Petursson, multiple Icelandic Championship winner, will have you marveling at their unique partnership and astounding ability! These wild and wooly little equine ATVs will perform the flying pace, the signature gait of the Icelandic, in which they can attain speeds up to 25 miles-per-hour. This breathtaking performance never fails to bring audiences to their feet as these brave horses practically fly through a lane of fire. Stallions, mares, and geldings perform together during the Beer Tolt in which riders toast and sip mugs of beer as the horses smoothly hit their four-beat gait in a darkened arena with live sparklers on all for legs. A must-see act!

California breeders, owners, and trainers proudly present horses of the Conquistadores, the magnificent Peruvian Pasos, national treasures of Peru. Accompanied by native dancers and music, the Peruvian Pasos celebrate the Champions of Champions in a colorful and dramatic presentation known as La Barrida. Later, the coastal dance of Peru will be represented through a union of horseman, horse, and dancer as they become one in this artistic blending of Peruvian cultures.

Chad Nicholson, California Cowboys Pro Rodeo Announcer of the Year, once again brings his signature play-by-play excitement to Night of the Horse. Chad has announced in 34 states, Canada, and Australia. Proud announcer of nine Professional Rodeo Cowboys' Ram Circuit Finals, featured voice of radio and television, Chad also announced at the World Equestrian Games in Lexington, KY, and NASCAR and Pro Bass Fishing tournaments. Chad co-produced and co-directed the U.S. presentation at the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, held at Windsor Castle, one of his most memorable achievements.

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